Closer – Not for kiddies – but so very good

Saw a fantastic piece of Theatre at Mainline last night – and best of all – it’s on until the 27th of April. Plenty of time to get tickets. And you definitely want to see this one.

I generally enjoy the productions that happen at Mainline. Put on by tiny, yet professional companies that have a creative itch they must scratch – the plays are interesting, well rehearsed, and well produced. “Closer” (as in getting closer) is no exception. The story line – that of 4 people (2 men, 2 women) who meet, become lovers, find out information about each other that disappoints, and try again – is intensely disturbing, profoundly interestingly, well-presented and very well performed.

There’s a scene of an on-line ‘date’ that is extremely funny – particularly for the older generation (like me!). Karine Kerr – who plays the part of the stripper Alice – is strikingly beautiful, and while she never strips completely, she does strike the pose – and hold it extremely convincingly. I also found the 2 men very appealing, Alex Gravenstein is so attractively scruffy as Dr. Larry it’s hard not to want to reach out and ruffle his curly hair.

My complaints are very minor – I dearly wish that the ‘professional’ photographer had used a more appropriate camera. The one she uses is a joke – and for anyone with knowledge of photography, very distracting. No professional would use a camera like that, finding one that fit the role better surely wasn’t that hard. And I was rather alarmed at the very distinct lack of audience. I’ve never ever seen Mainline so empty – granted it was only the 2nd night, but still. This is a very good play – why weren’t there more people there to enjoy it?

And I have one caution – the topic revolves around sex – and while you don’t ‘see’ any – there are lots of pretty descriptive sections. So don’t bring your pruddish cap – come open-minded and you will truly enjoy yourself.

6 thoughts on “Closer – Not for kiddies – but so very good

  1. Sounds good! I did like the movie with Natalie Portman… or maybe it’s just Natalie Portman that I like? In any case, I may have to make my way over to see it.

    • I’m guessing both…. didn’t even realize this had been a motive. I was clearly judging by what I saw Thursday night.nInteresting…

  2. We’re so glad you were able to come out to see the show, and that you enjoyed it. One minor correction: the play is called “Closer” (as in, people getting closer to each other), not “The Closer” (as in someone who, i guess, closes things).

    Thanks for your review!

    -alex goldrich

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