Portovino – Lousy Italian – but such a lovely restaurant

It had been a long time since we’d last eaten at Portovino – and while my memories of it weren’t great (All I could recall was that it was BYOB and noisy) – we were hungry – it was there, we stopped.

When I walked in – my first thought was – I should come here more often. It is such a pretty restaurant in such a crazy location – right next to a Tim Hortons off highway 40. Yes I know that it part of  a tiny chain (I think there are 5 of them), but this one is the one in between my office and downtown Montreal.

http://www.portovino.ca/ – Check the one located at 1200 Trans Canada Highway – Dorval.

We were seated promptly, the waiter seemed nice, the meat presentation – while weird-looking (come on guys – hunks of meat wrapped in plastic on a board – no decor, no veggies, no nothing – this is not appetizing) was fast and efficient.

But this is supposed to be an Italian BYOB – so we opted for the Italian food. I got Lasagna Della Casa (I love a good Lasagna), my partner ordered the Scaloppine Di Vitello Al Piccata Limone. That’s thin slices of veal in a lemon sauce.

We should have gone to Tim Hortens.

The Lasagna was a huge portion (I brought about 1/3 home) – and it was bland, bland, bland. I mean – honestly. How can you not do Lasagna right. And $18. No vegetable, no salad, no nothing. My partner’s Piccata Limone was not quite as terrible, he did get a bit of pasta on the side – but it was bland and it was tasteless and it certainly wasn’t worth the price.

Sorry Portovino – the wine might be good (we brought it ourselves) – but the food was awful. It’s going to be a long time before I come back – probably about how long it will take me to forget this very unfortunate meal.

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