Thai Noodles & Sushi – Simple, Inexpensive, and Satifying

Ok – sometimes you just want something quick, simple, easy to eat, and yummy. It was lunch, we had like no time, and I was hungry. So the Thai Noodle place at the Marche d’Ouest was the perfect choice. You order you soup flavor – Lemon Grass, Chicken Noodle, or Egg Noodle. From there you pick your protein – Veg, Chicken, Beef or Seafood.

Then you wait just a few minutes while they ladle out your soup, add your garnish and serve you.

it’s a cafeteria style, with not that many options.

But it’s about quick, simple, easy to eat and yummy – and for that they get 4 stars. My soup was delicious. Hot and flavorful, and definitely goes down well. And the price was definitely right – depending on your protein – just $7 to $8. Hard to beat that bargain price.

i have never tried their sushi, so i can’t comment – but their soup for lunch. Winner.