Upcoming Events in the life of the Montreal Madame

A quick list of upcoming – and to be reviewed of course – events happening in Montreal. I’ve also included a few of my scheduled restaurant visits.

Winter 2019 – Skiing in Utah, then a quick cruise to play Bridge (never getting off the ship – how silly is this)

Spring 2019 – A budget (is there such a thing) trip to Japan. 5 weeks of soaking up Japanese culture, at the low cost level. We’ve booked all our lodging thru Air BnB, and are spending under $50 Canadian a night each. Of course we’re also going to be sharing bathrooms. How will this work out? I just don’t know. But I do see a lot of Noodle meals in our future.

Middle June 2019 – Fringe Festival in Montreal

Could be exciting times ahead… At the least – it will be interesting.

July/August 2018 – Mainely Maine, then a quick trip to Europe for a family meeting, and more exciting, a re-enactment in Holland. Victor is going to Corsica for the 250th anniversary of Napoleon’s birth – I’m not sure how I’m avoiding this.. but I am.

September/October 2019 – Plans are loose – so I’m not sure where in the World I’ll be in the fall of 2019. Read my blog to find out.

December 2019 – Will I be selling sausages at a Christmas Market? ‘Want to try the Sausages my Daughter makes?” Time will tell. But meanwhile – do check out her website at http://www.curedmeats.london.

Leave me a comment if you know of an event I should try to include …

If you are wondering how I know about theatre events in Montreal – I recommend checking out the Quebec Drama League Theatre Calendar – you can find copies at Centaur, Mainline, and at the Bain St. Michel. You can also visit their website at:


And under best free bets – they give a party twice a year to announce the upcoming theatre events – it’s a hoot to see – and the price is amazing. It’s free. And they provide food. What could possibly be wrong with that.

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