Upcoming Events in the life of the Montreal Madame

A quick list of upcoming – and to be reviewed of course – events happening in Montreal. I’ve also included a few of my scheduled restaurant visits.

Winter 2020 – Skiing in Utah, then a trip to St. Croix to celebrate my hubby’s 70th birthday.

Spring 2020 – A Museum-centric trip to Washington, D.C. What could possibly be more fun than lots of free Museums? Free Museums and warm weather perhaps? Ah how we Montrealers dream of the sunshine…

Middle June 2019 – Fringe Festival in Montreal

Could be exciting times ahead… At the least – it will be interesting.

July/August 2018 – After 20 years of family holidays in the same shack on the same beach in Maine – we’re being rejected – or at least discouraged. The new owners raised the price by 40% – and we said ‘No’. I’m so horribly disappointed – but time change and we much change with them… So it seems like we’ll be doing Balconville in Stowe.

September/October 2019 – Plans are loose – so I’m not sure where in the World I’ll be in the fall of 2020. Read my blog to find out.

December 2020 – Will I be selling sausages at a Christmas Market? ‘Want to try the Sausages my Daughter makes?” Time will tell. But meanwhile – do check out her website at http://www.curedmeats.london.

Leave me a comment if you know of an event I should try to include …

If you are wondering how I know about theatre events in Montreal – I recommend checking out the Quebec Drama League Theatre Calendar – you can find copies at Centaur, Mainline, and at the Bain St. Michel. You can also visit their website at:


And under best free bets – they give a party twice a year to announce the upcoming theatre events – it’s a hoot to see – and the price is amazing. It’s free. And they provide food. What could possibly be wrong with that.

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