Montreal has a Croissant Festival – Amazing!

I love, love, love Croissants – I mean what can be wrong about these flaky pastries – beautifully browned and crusty outside, yummy inside, and the entire thing brimming with butter. Oh – if that doesn’t make you hungry – nothing will.

And – there is nothing more disappointing than lousy grocery store ‘croissants’. I hate to even use the term for those flat squishy lacking in flavor butterless creations. I can’t even imagine why anyone would waste calories (and money) on eating those things. Nope – if I’m going to indulge – I want to get the best.

So you can imagine my absolute delight to discover that Montreal has a Croissant Festival – organized by the artisanal bakeries that flourish in this city where food is King. This is  our chance to be at-home reviewers (the best kind) – and taste our way around the city.

The idea is the brain child of Franck Dury-Pavel of Fous Desserts – but he’s sharing the ‘stage’ with 13 other bakeries this year. So on Saturday – April 20, 2013 – all the participating bakeries are going to be discounting their astounding creations. Not free – alas – but either discounted, even to half price or the best bet – 2 for 1. I suggest quickly organizing a Croissant Taste-off for Saturday evening – or Sunday morning for the more traditional among us. Then – drive around on Saturday from shop to yummy shop – picking up Croissants. Label the bottom of the plates – and report back here.

Be sure to tell them I sent you – so they will know where to go to find out whose Croissant is King!

The Question: Who has the best Croissant in the City?

The Judges: You and your family

So let’s get shopping, eating, and comparing. Just please remember to come back her and let me know your results!

Participating bakeries are:

Arhoma –
Chouquettes et cie –
Les Co’Pains d’abord –
Fous Desserts –
Mamie Clafoutis –
Marius et Fanny –
Mr. Pinchot –
Petite boulangerie –

South Shore
L’Amour du pain –
Chouquettes et cie –
O Gateries –
Patisserie Aux Beaux Tilleuis –
Tartes et clafoutis –

Marius et Fanny –

4 thoughts on “Montreal has a Croissant Festival – Amazing!

  1. I’ll be reporting on Vermont croissants on the weekend and getting back to you. Bet they don’t come anywhere near the Montreal ones,but that’s o.k. I’d rather be in Vermont at a very exclusive B&B.

    • And if you have a favorite place for Croissants in the city – you can list them here anyway. We all want to know where to go…

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