The Dogs of Ubud

And I thought St. Croix had a problem with dogs. Ubud makes St. Croix look dog free!

There are dogs everywhere you look – and as far as I can tell – not a dog license to be seen. They don’t look unhealthy – anything but actually. But then there are offerings left out on the road in front of every house often enough to keep just about anyone healthy, although there is generally no meat involved. I guess the dogs around here must eat the rice.

Joking – I know dogs aren’t vegetarians!

On a more serious note – there really are a lot of dogs running around – and there are 2 in particular that we must pass on our walk back to The Lady in Pink’s palace. Kinda scary actually. Despite having seen us walk by every day for weeks – they still snarl and bark. And if they have owners (I’m not sure) – no one has ever come out to say shhh. They do always run back into the same Compound after warning us to stay clear of their home – a challenge given that the walkway is quite literally 4 feet wide, and boarded on one side by high walls and the other by a fence around another home.

Last night was the worst – I was actually pretty concerned – and after we passed the dog – I used my flashlight to keep him lit so he knew that we were still watching him.

I’m thinking about a walking stick…

But I know I’m not alone with my worry and concern. In one of the magazines given to tourists is a 1/4 page ad for – BARC – Bali Dog Adoption and rehabilition Center. It’s dedicated to re-homing Bali Street Dogs!

One of the issues, I believe, is related to the Compounds – family and related folks sharing one entrance off the road – with many people living together. Our driver, Diana, told me that in his compound are over 50 people – his parents, sisters and brothers, wives and husbands, and of course the children. It’s a village inside a common doorway off the main road of a village – Kinda nice if you think about it. According to Diana – source of all local knowledge – in some compounds there is a family kitchen, in other compounds each family has their own kitchen. But in all cases – money is pooled among all the family members – an extended family commune arrangement.

Back to the dogs – According to Diana, all the dogs belong to someone – or at least to some compound. But since there are so many people sharing the common living space, the exact ownership is unclear. I guess it’s like a child – when he behaves well, he’s mine. When he behaves poorly – he’s yours!

And if the dog is off the compound – doing what dogs do – there’s apparently little or no supervision. I’ve never seen a dog on a leash here – and that includes in stores and restaurants. I also never see dog poo – but I think that’s related to all the ladies going out every morning to sweep their section of the roadway.

Interested in learning more about what BARC is doing for the dogs of Ubud? Check out this website:

I’m seriously thinking about getting a walking stick.

Appreciation note for April 3rd? A big Thank you to my husband – who has the confidence in me to let me go off on these crazy adventures – and always welcomes me back home with open arms.

Signing off – The Soup Lady

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