Choosing the Healthy Option

Since when is choosing the ‘healthly option’ showing Off?

I mean – if you opt to take the stairs rather than the escalator – as every single health expert and on-line column advices – why are you guilty of showing off.

Case in point – the Pork Whisper and I were in Montreal. The metro (aka underground) has 3 access methods – escalators, stair cases (often quite long as they depend on how underground the ‘Underground’ actually is), and occasionally elevators.

I always opt for the stairs – up and down – if I’m not feeling too tired. It’s basically good exercise. I don’t even think about it really – stairs – take them.

So – 2 days ago – the Pork Whisper and I were taking the metro and I opted for the stairs up. And she suggested I only did it because I wanted to show off. Apparently she had spotted an older woman who was gingerly walking to the elevator and decided that I had seen her too. So suddently what I was doing for exercise became showing off.


Do I sometimes make the same mistake? See someone doing something and assume reasons for their behavior that actually have no basis in reality? I’ll bet I do!

Case in point – just now I was walking to get in line for the bus – and clearly wasn’t moving fast enough for a young man behind me. He scooted around me – and got in line ahead of me. So Rude.

But is that what really happened? Did he even see me? Did he just see the line forming and realized he needed to hustle to make the bus? Is my ‘he cut me off’ assumption as empty and unrealistic and as ungrounded in truth as the assumption that my taking the stairs was showing off?

Well – either way – I’m still taking the stairs as long as time and health permit.

Show off – or not!

Signing off – The Soup Lady