A Star Trek Holo-Deck Experience

April 4, 2015 – 4 people – aged 65, 66, 79 and 85 shared a Star Trek Holo-Deck Experience!

Last night we shared a table with my Step-Mother-In-Law and her copaine. They were 1000 miles away – but we sat down at the same table, we sang, we toasted each other – we enjoyed each other’s company.

We were in the moment – connected by Technology (Skype and 2 ipads if you must know) – present together.

We celebrated together an experience that is thosands of years old – in a complete normal way – together across a thousand miles.

Do you think that Gene Roddenberry – inventor of Star Trek – imagined this reality happening so casually almost 50 years ago?

You’ve come a long way baby.

Health, Happiness to Family and Friends!

To Life.

Signing off to do the dishes – there are some things that even technology can’t change – The Soup Lady