If this is the best – I’m really sorry for Fort Myers Beach

I love a great breakfast – and I’ve had many. Unfortunately – that’s what I didn’t have this morning at Reece’s. Nope – this one was pretty crummy. Which happens – but what bugs me is that all over the restaurant were signs saying – “Voted best breakfast in Fort Myers Beach – 10 years in a row”.

So – what should I read into that. That folks in Fort Myers Beach have no taste? That Chez Cora needs to come down here and blow them away? That John G’s in Palm Beach doesn’t have to worry?

The location of the restaurant – which isn’t even on the beach – is in a strip mall – but then almost everything in Fort Myers is either in a strip mall or a hotel. The good news – the ‘balcony’ part overlooked a cute pond with turtles (over 25 according to the chatty waitress), a white ibis eating a delicious breakfast of freshly hatched tadpoles, and a rather odd spraying elephant fountain. And the waitress was super nice – too bad the food didn’t match her clever repartee.

My biscuit was doughy and tasteless, the grits needed butter (not supplied), the eggs weren’t cooked properly, and there wasn’t a piece of fruit anywhere on the menu. This is florida people – fruit should be a given. The best tasting thing was my foot long sausage – a tad greasy – but yummy none-the-less.

My husband’s breakfast was a country fried steak – his first – so while he couldn’t compare it – he did like it. And his poached eggs were fine – if lacking in salt. The gravy was a congealed glop that he didn’t taste, the fried potatoes were frozen and re-heated. The coffee was fine – a bottomless cup of Hazelnut. But you don’t go to breakfast to pick and choose between the good and the really not good.

Sorry people – maybe everyone else loved this place – but I thought it worse than forgettable.

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2 thoughts on “If this is the best – I’m really sorry for Fort Myers Beach

  1. A couple of things wrong with your review, when you leave Montreal and want butter on your grits you generally need to ask for it. Reese’s does have fresh fruit, order the French toast ( Sorry it’s not really from France and neither are you) it’s loaded with strawberries and blueberries. Also I’m so sorry to hear your husband didn’t get salt on his eggs. We here in America actually apply our own salt and it is usually found right in front of you on your table. This reply may seem rather harsh, but Reese’s is a great place and your “review” could not be further from the truth.

    • Always a challenge to review a place others love – but my decision when I decided to do a blog was to be honest – and say what happened to us, when we were there. Maybe next time we visit we’ll try the French Toast. (Which by the way – the French call Pain Anglais – because they think it comes from England). Love the comment though – always nice to know you were read! Leslie

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