Charcos Rotisserie – Is it a chain if there is only one?

I do love a good Portuguese Chicken place. They roast their chickens with such – well – love and affection that you just know it’s going to taste great. And they offer veggies. Ok – the veggies are not the center of the plate, and I’m sure most vegetarians give Portuguese Chicken places a wide berth – but still. Good food, done fast, served hot, that is easy on the stomach and even easier on the pocket-book. Such a deal.


Charcos Rotisserie’s youthful owner/managers proudly explained to me that this is the first of a franchise – as soon as they get the franchise going. Meanwhile they are working long hours to build up the business – a fun variation on the traditional fast food joint.


The menu options look at bit – well – Turkish – since sandwiches made with pita bread, and hummus are on offer. But Charcos also offers whole and half grilled chickens, a hot dog and a hamburger (really – how Portuguese is that?), and some salads. We decided to get  the Charcos favorite. Chunks of grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles all cozy in a pita ‘wrap’. Mine could have used a bit more sauce – available for an extra for 50 cents. But at under $5 – including the extra sauce – this sandwich was a great dinner option before class – which I assume is how they meant it to be. Nicely done people.


The eating ‘in’ area wasn’t nearly as clean as I would have liked (I hate having to wipe down my own table) – but the price and location (right next to the Hall building at Concordia) probably mean that they don’t have to worry much – except what to do when school’s out for summer.

Rotisserie Charcos on Urbanspoon

Restaurant Charcos on Foodio54

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