Alex H – Tablecloths, BYOB, and pretty decent food. Not a bad choice at all

A friend recommended that we try Alex H – it’s located on Sherbrooke St. in NDG – and on the way from here to there – so it seemed like a good idea.

We found parking easily (a plus), and walked in at exactly 5:27 – maybe a tad early. They greeted us quite nicely, and told us that they were fully booked. When we explained that we’d be in and out by 6:45 – they relented and agreed to seat us. I have to say – by the time we left (at 6:45) – they were almost full. Which compared to the other restaurants nearby was clearly a point in their favor.

Alex H is not a new restaurant – new to me maybe – but not new on the scene. It’s been in the Sherbrooke street location since 2001 – and was on Monkland for 10 years before that. I mention this because it’s quite small. Maybe 30 tables tops, no bar scene, an open kitchen (sort-of), and just one toilet. There was evidence of a terrace come spring – but we were definitely out of season for that. But the wine red table-cloths, middle-of-the-road wine glasses, and a whiteboard with the menu made it feel extremely comfortable. I liked it. My partner was even more impressed.

The food was priced competitively for its location and class – Entree’s ranged from $21 to $27, and included soup or salad. Desserts were very reasonably priced – $3 got us a lovely – and enough to share – Apple Delight.

Service was very good, and very friendly. I ordered the fish of the day – turbot as it turns out – and while it was a bit rich for my diet conscious nature – the sauce was extremely yummy and I enjoyed every drop. My dining partner opted to try the Liver dish – and absolutely  loved it.

We weren’t prepared for the BYOB concept – but the pleasant waiter suggested either the SAQ 3 blocks to the left, or the Dep next door. We opted for the Dep – got a lovely bottle of a white German wine – and had enough left over to share with the next table.

So – pretty restaurant, BYOB keeps costs down, Food was on the good side, but clearly reservations on at Saturday night are essential.

Not bad, not bad at all.

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