Kanda on Decarie – You’d think I’d know better

Some times I just amaze myself. What ever possessed me to agree to a meal at the Kanda on Decaire? I must have either been trying to drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time – or feeling totally out of it. It was never going to be good – but I have to admit I was completely amazed how bad it actually was. And there were so many customers. Do we have no taste people?

We were 3 ladies – and we arrived early – just shy of 6:00. You’d think that would mean that we’d get decent service. You’d be wrong. I have never ever been so ignored in my life. Honestly – if we’d been in a private room with the door shut and a sign outside saying – don’t enter – they couldn’t have done a better job of pretending we didn’t exist. I’m going out on a limb here and suggest that no manager was on staff that night.

Getting anyone’s attention – and we were seated quite close to the entrance and the cash – required either madly waving – or literally getting up and intercepting a wait person on their way from one part of the restaurant to another. Terrible. Just Terrible.

But it’s not about the service – or in this case – lack of service – it’s supposed to be about the food. So – the food. Not all Kanda’s are created equal – I discovered this when I tried to order a-la-carte – and was told – we only have the all you can eat option. Oh dear, guess we’ll go that route then. The ‘buffet’ list was $23.99 per person – lower because it was a Wednesday night. The list was long, lacking in description, and divided curiously into sections called A kitchen, B kitchen, C kitchen. Portions were small – 2 pieces of Maki, 1 piece of Sushi – and the warnings about charging for not finishing very clear.

This makes it a challenge to order. Since I wasn’t sure what things were – I was afraid to order in case we didn’t like it and couldn’t finish. Which turns out to be the case for the absolutely horrible fried chicken dish. I think they might have been trying for a General Tao – which for a Japanese restaurant concept is wrong, wrong, wrong.

There were some ‘edible’ dishes. The Edamame was ok, and I rather liked some of the shrimp dishes we ordered. And the Koren ‘ribs’ were excellent. But in general the sushi was old, the rice was tasteless, the service was terrible, and the tea impossible to get. Most annoying – there was no way to know if food was coming or not. We literally couldn’t tell when anything we ordered would arrive. Maybe that’s what the A, B, and C kitchen indications were about – A – you’ll get it soon, C – don’t wait up!

I have eaten many times at the Kanda on Bishop Street – they do offer a-la-carte, and that’s fine. And since I order a-la-carte – they make my sushi to order – as it should be made. But I absolutely can not recommend the Kanda on Decarie. Sorry folks. This is a place to avoid.

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4 thoughts on “Kanda on Decarie – You’d think I’d know better

  1. They charge you if you don’t finish? I have never heard of such a thing! I would be in big trouble as I rarely finish anything because there is usually too much food!

    • I know – isn’t that just awful. In fact – all the ‘All you can eat’ Sushi places I’ve been to have charged you for ‘left-overs’ – I guess they see it as a way to prevent people from just ordering everything. But how disgusting to have to eat something you don’t think is any good. i wouldn’t do that. I did hear tell of people who go to these places and bring plastic containers to slip food in. That is also disgusting.

  2. Yes, I can understand not allowing taking home leftovers in an all you can eat place but, as you said, if you don’t like it, why should you be charged for not eating it?

    • Now I will admit to not arguing the point. We didn’t like the fried chicken dish – and only ate a bit, and I didn’t notice a charge. But I was so annoyed with the service – I can’t say I looked hard at the bill. I just wanted out!

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