Aikawa – Best Sushi Lunch on the West Island

Ok – that’s my view, and if you disagree – let me know where else I should be going! No joking on that. I’m willing and able to try anything, but as of right now – today – I’m going out on a limb and saying Aikawa is tops.

First off – the lunch is just $15 for the ‘initiation’ – a plate of 15 maki’s – all different, all yummy. Included is soup and salad and tea. So to my mind – perfect. Well, ok – I’d rather it was less $$ – but still – it’s a pretty good deal.

The service at Aikawa is always excellent. Most of the staff has been there forever, and they know both their jobs, and their sushi. So they can answer questions, get your meal to you promptly, and disappear quickly when you look to be talking business.

And the tables are nicely spaced – you can’t hear the people at the table next to you – a delightful change from the bistro mode that is sweeping so many of the restaurants these days. The Aikawa harkens back to the old days of deep carpets and glass barriers between tables. Nice for those of us more interested in our dining companions than the people at the nearby tables.

And the maki are quite good. With 15 different tasting nibbles, you can forgive a miss here and there – because the next one is perfect for your taste. Completely works.

Complaints? I wish they’d put at least one of the really up scale maki on the lunch special – Tuna Flower say. And at my latest lunch, all the maki were wrapped in Soy wrappers not Seaweed. I liked it – nay – I loved it, but I can image some purists thinking that old school is better.

Other lunch options – none of which I’ve ever tried – include platters of sushi and sushi maki mixtures. And of course the traditional menu is always available, you don’t have to do the lunch special!

Bottom line – I like it. An easy A for effort, for food, and for surroundings.

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Bistro Boris – Dog-gone cute, and delicious food

Bistro Boris Tuna Lunch

Tuna Boris – isn’t it Beautiful?

I have a very upscale friend who seems to know all the best places to eat. So when she invited me to join her for lunch – I asked her to pick the place. She always finds a place I never even knew existed – that’s what makes joining her so much fun. Plus it’s always nice to be brought up-to-date with what’s happening in her life.

But on to the restaurant review!

Bistro Boris is located spitting distance from Square Victoria – in what looks like a tiny space off an office tower. The room is small – I mean seriously small. But they have a huge terrace – which would be a great place to sit if there wasn’t about 4 feet of snow on top of everything. Maybe a revisit in the spring is in order?

Fortunately – my friend had called ahead and made reservations – without which I’m not sure they would have had room. The menu is simple – A selection of entrées – with the lunch special being that for $3 more than the cost of the entrée you get either a soup or a salad, a coffee or latte, and dessert. Diet thrown to the wind – I opted for the entire meal, choosing for my entrée a selection called – Tuna Boris. This turned out to be a huge piece of perfect tuna – lightly seared on the sides, but raw in the center. It was served on a selection of roasted veggies (very sparse on the veggies – but beautiful), 2 wonderful sweet potato crisps, and a perfect sauce below. The result was so lovely – I took a picture. I never take pictures of food – so you get the idea. Those are beets on the side – like the rest of the veggies – perfectly roasted and not the least bit greasy.

Tasted great too. My friend was less thrilled – she ordered something described as a ‘salad’ – but there was no salad (ie: greens) component.  Instead it was served on a bed of simply sliced cucumbers. Easily remedies – she opted to add the $3 ‘table d’hote’ – and got her salad fix that way.

Dessert was simple – tiny scoop of perfect pistachio ice cream and a tiny pastry. Latte (decafe of course) was also perfect.

And I love their website with it’s ‘doggy’ illustrations and lovely pictures. Didn’t look like that when I was there of course – it’s Montreal, It’s February – no terrace is happening – but you get the general idea. It would be beautiful.

Definitely a place to remember – particularly if someone else is treating.

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