Sahib – calling it ‘fine’ is a stretch – but for the West Island – it works

The Sahib Restaurant is not the only restaurant convenient to my office – but it is the only Indian alternative – and as such gets my business about 8 times a year or so.

Given that frequency – I’d expect them to at least recognize me – but no – every time we walk in, it’s as if they’ve never seen us before. A shame really – a better ‘host’ experience would do wonders for their popularity – because they do a lot of other things quite well.

They do quite good Onion Bhajia – a fact I had driven home when I ate them elsewhere and discovered that while the ones at Sahib are fully of onions – other people skimp! So one up there. Their tandoori Chicken is decent – the flesh not as juicy as some versions I’ve had – but still pretty decent.

Their killer dishes are the butter chicken – the rice – and the Chaat Papri. What strange is that this dish isn’t on the menu. It’s considered so authentic – that ‘tourists’ won’t enjoy it. But it is easily our favorite dish at Sahib. Made with chickpeas and fried ‘chips’ – it’s a very yummy appetizer. To try it out if you try the Sahib.

It’s not a great restaurant – but it’s a sure bet for a decent meal. I give it a B. It would do a lot better if they just made an attempt to remember their ‘frequent’ guests.

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2 thoughts on “Sahib – calling it ‘fine’ is a stretch – but for the West Island – it works

  1. Look – I’m sorry, but for a small scale restaurant like that 8times a year?!! You’re nobody. Now.. Granted, they could install a pos system that tracked you better, but I bet you don’t even make a reservation which would make that option meaningless. If you eat there 8 times a year, at, say, $50 a go? You’re only $400 worth of business a restaurant that probably brings in 2 or three times that in one dinner. You’re hardly regulars. I think you’re expecting too much from a non- fine-dining restaurant. Don’t forget Dad’s story about that hot dog vendor…

    • True – But still – maybe they could at least look pleased to see us? Smile maybe. But point taken – what’s $400 worth of business.

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