Colonel’s Inn – Practically Perfect in Every Way

We simply loved our stay at The Colonel’s Inn in Prescott, Ontario

If you read by blog about 6 Rules for picking a Perfect Vacation Rental – you know about Location, Reviews, Know what you want, Price, and Correspondence. Well – here’s how those rules played out recently at the Colonial Inn in Prescott, On

I needed a place to stay near Spencerville, Ontario (Location) – a tiny town that was hosting a wonderful 1812 gathering. Since we were going to be walking around in period dress – finding a place that felt period seemed important (Know what you want). And my husband is allergic – deathly allergic to cats. So I had to be able to check that out (Correspondence).

I searched several different sites – and eventually found The Colonel ‘s Inn in Prescott. It seemed perfect on paper (Reviews). Great location – Prescott is a tiny Ontario town on the Saint Lawrence River, and while the Colonel’s Inn wasn’t on the water – it was easy walking distance to the Marina. Best of all, it was period appropriate – built-in around 1820 – a tad late for us, but within reason.

And most importantly – the hosts – Geof and Jan – replied quickly to my questions about no cats, room size, and availability. I booked it.

We arrived a touch early – we needed to be at the dance lessons that started at 4:00 pm, and were hoping to quickly change. The sign on the door was extremely welcoming – if locked – please feel free to call. Jan arrived within minutes – cheerfully inviting to ‘come on in!’ So we did. Recognizing our need for speed, Jan handed us the keys – showed us where the room was – and said – Geof will finish registration when you get back from your evening activities. Nice – very nice.

And even nicer when we returned, hot and sweaty from all the dancing – Geof announced that the pool was still open – we should change quickly and grab a swim. We were on it like ducks to water!

Breakfast the next morning, with the house full, was served buffet style – plenty of hot coffee and tea, plain scrambled or cheesy scrambled eggs, assorted breads with butter and jam, sausage and ham. Yummy.

That night we returned late (after the Regency Ball and amazing Fireworks) – to be told – the pool is open! Oh boy – that’s awesome. Everyone in the house came down – there were late night munchies, supplied by other guests, and we all swam and chatted and laughed. That’s why you do B&B’s – to meet other people – and meet we did.

On our 2nd morning – again a full house, again all planning to eat at the same time, merited another buffet – this time with eggs Benedict and country ham that they grilled outside on the BBQ.

On our 3rd morning – with the house basically empty – we finally got served breakfast. It was again eggs Benedict with a wonderful fruit salad – but they were so delicious – I’m not complaining about the repeat breakfast for a second. In fact – I’d go back again just for those eggs!

Complaints – I have just two, both very minor. One, our room didn’t have a window that opened – but it did have an air conditioner. Had we thought to turn it on – all would have been fine – but somehow we didn’t – and it got a tad stuffy. That said, the furnishings were great, the bathroom clean, the bed comfy – so I can only blame us for the problem.

My 2nd complaint – I’ve stayed in lots of B&B’s – and my absolute favorite (The Little Mermaid in Mystic, Conn.) did 2 things so special, I’ve always wanted to find another that offered that kind of welcome. What did they do? They provided home-made cookies at night before bed, and put out bowls of popcorn for late night munchies. Such a wonderful touch. And when you checked out – they gave you a ‘gift’ bag for the road – bottles of water and several more cookies. Not a huge expense – but I’ll never forget that place. Unfortunately – the Colonel’s Inn didn’t do any of these things. On the other hand – when they realized we’d have to pass by Prescott on our drive back to Montreal several days later – they invited us to just drop by and grab a swim. Trust me – that was seriously nice.

Bottom line – the Colonel’s Inn earned a place in our PDA’s – next time I find myself staying anywhere near Prescott – I’m staying at the Colonel’s. Jan and Geof are some of the best hosts – ever.