It’s my 65th Birthday!

Send a card! PLEASE… I adore cards… I got 64 for my 64th birthday – let’s beat the record this year! (And late cards are completely acceptable..)

Thanks for following me – I totally love comments – I love feedback, and did I say something about cards?

PS: People who already sent cards – and you know who you are – Thanks!


aka: TheSoupLady
aka: Montreal Madame….

10 thoughts on “It’s my 65th Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Leslie. this is my card for you as I leave early tomorrow for AOII convention in Chicago. Have a good day and a wonderful year.

    • Saw AMAZING fireworks on Saturday night at Spencerville – best I’ve seen in a long long time. So they will have to do for my birthday. And I went our for dinner with good friends, my husband, and my grand-daughter. It’s hard to do better than that! Today I’m horse-backing riding on Lucy – who is probably the best horse ever. Totally excited.

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