My Daughter is getting Married!

On Monday, May 20th, Jamin Treeby of London, England, knelt in front of my daughter, Adrienne Eiser, and presented her with a beautiful emerald ring.

He told her that he wanted to Make her feel better for the rest of his life.

My Daughter joyfully and Tearfully accepted.

A wedding celebration is planned for Montreal in 2014.

The Bride to be is Beautiful, the groom to be is Handsome, The Mother of the Bride is thrilled, the Father of the Bride is Delighted and Proud.

Health and Happiness to Family and Friends – and to the Engaged Couple! May their Joy spread around the world.

Leslie and Victor Eiser



13 thoughts on “My Daughter is getting Married!

  1. So happy to hear about your daughter’s engagement. We wish the engaged couple happiness always.

  2. Aww..That Sounds amazing I am So Happy for them Both and yet another Great Addition to the Eiser Family..Happy For all of you !!!

  3. Wow, I just did a search for Jamin as his name popped into my head for no apparent reason (we went to school together) Congratulations to him and his bride to be.
    If you see this say hi to him from me – Austin Wheeler

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