Korean Socks – Over the Top Adorable!

Oh man – do I love Korean socks. They are beyond cute – right up there with adorable! And yes – these are for adults. We’ve seen at least a zillion different designs. Free bonus – not only are they cute – they are comfy.

I think Korean’s are so ‘socky’ because they take off their shoes constantly – to enter a house, to enter a temple, sometimes just to enter a restaurant. So socks are on display – why not make them worth looking at?

Check out the options – and these are just the one’s we’ve brought – there are zillions of other options. If you’d like a pair for $5 (I promise to send you a pair (or 2) – and I’ll do my best to get you the style you want – but no promises) – send me a comment with your email – it will be private. I’ll contact you with the style you’d like and your shipping address!










15 thoughts on “Korean Socks – Over the Top Adorable!

  1. Hi Leslie, love these socks!!! How much room do you have to bring back extra things?? I’d love 5 pairs, if you think you have room: the zebra ones!!, the shoes with a red bug/bow; 3 more shortie socks ones of any design.

    • Ah Thanks! We did find the DMZ amazingly interesting – and not to worry – if you mix up your feet, it’s obvious! Probably how Korean’s teach their kids left and right….

  2. Love them! Only if possible, I really would like a pair in the style that makes a face when feet are together… so cool!

    • Not sure where you are located – but I’m seeing them for sale in Montreal – at the small gift shops actually. They are running about $6 a pair – which is actually about right given the cost of shipping. And they are adorable. Just keep your eyes open. Leslie

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