Fried Oysters at the Oyster Shell – Oh My!

Confession – up until last night, the best fried oysters I’d ever had were in New Orleans – and I’ve spent years trying to find fried oysters like those – plump, juicy, slightly salty, and totally no fishy flavor.

My husband, knowing my desire to try some fried oysters here in Florida, carefully picked out the Oyster Shell because other reviewers really liked it – not because it won awards, not because it was well located, not because it was large, not because of the classy view – but because it had some of the most consistent good reviews of all the seafood restaurants in Fort Myers. And he picked a winner.

Don’t be surprised by the location. The Oyster Shell is a truly for locals only – there are probably no more than 6 tables – and only one chef and one waitress. But between them – they got the job done.

And the oysters at The Oyster Shell truly impressed me. Really some of the best I’ve ever ever had. So good I ate way too many of them – so reader alert – portions are huge – go small and consider sharing. Which explains why I not only had my oysters – I got a whole soft shell crab to myself. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Quick note about freshness – they were out of Grouper the night we ate there – why – because the chef wasn’t pleased with the quality the fisherman had brought him that day. So rather than serve fish below his standard – the waitress had to carefully explain to all the dinners that there was no Grouper. Impressive.

Also impressive – the pecan pie. It was delicious – a fabulous combination of light crust, sweet filling, and tons of pecans. Oh – I do so love a good pecan pie and this one didn’t disappoint.

Definitely a winner among so many losers here in Florida. Check it out.

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Oyster Shell the on Foodio54

2 thoughts on “Fried Oysters at the Oyster Shell – Oh My!

  1. It certainly looks like you ate your way through Florida. Way to go. It is a miracle how you don’t gain any weight, dessert and all.
    Can’t wait to hear the culinary experiences from Korea. Enjoy the trip.

    • Arrived safely in Korea – found our guest house with the help of extremely helpful strangers – one of whom stopped his bike to watch us walk by – then circled around to see if we were lost. Yup – we were. So he directed us to the door of the guest house! Food note – ate in ‘traditional’ restaurant – had a dried shrimp noodle soup – picked out all the shrimp – but loved the noodles! Had to sit on the floor though – that’s tough for seniors!

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