Searching for dinner near Tohu? Zone D’Asie might work out

As I’ve mentioned before – Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants tend to the basic no-frills, and thus inexpensive side – and when you get out of downtown and are looking for places to eat on the cheap – finding a place like Zone D’Asie is always a good plan.

Dinner for 4 – with left-overs – was just $54 – A bargain $13.50 per person. Since that came with a pleasant smile and a very interesting video of a song and dance show – well, it made for a pleasant, if not extremely elaborate experience.

We wanted something near Tohu – and since Zone D’Asie is about 1 minute away by car, it clearly fit the bill. The menu was the standard offerings – nothing that fancy. Fresh Spring rolls or Deep Fat Fried Imperial Rolls, the standard soups in large bowls with lots of noodles, and deep bowls of rice with bits of pork, chicken or fish on top. Flavors were nice – the cold coffee looked lovely, and the service was pleasant. Comparing Zone D’Asie with Chez NGA – the location is more remote, the portion size a tad larger, but the ability to add extra veggies out weighs any cost savings. So Chez NGA wins.

I would go again if I was looking for speedy near the Tohu – but I wouldn’t rate the Zone as top-notch Vietnamese. Good – but not Extraordinary.

6 thoughts on “Searching for dinner near Tohu? Zone D’Asie might work out

  1. Also, it occurs to me that you need a more clear symbol evaluation system. The single $ sign is a great tag, but needs to be repeated in the body of the the text, somewhere near the top preferably. A soup spoon (one to five maybe) to evaluate atmosphere, speed, taste, presentation or etc. would be nice as well. Equally, people like addresses and phone numbers.

    • Great idea – love it! How about 8-( for Terrible – avoid this one, 😎 for good – worth checking out, and 8-D for Awesome.

      • I don’t particularly like emoticons – but if that works for you, go for it. I will just say, that if you go for them, try to pick ones that wordpress turns into proper faces for you.

      • Ok -I’ll try again – this time with check marks – one for the losers – two or three for the middle groups – and 4 checks – √√√√ – for the real winners!

  2. Hi I think you could have try other pkate than the ordinary one that every vietnamese redtaurant have, because each have his speciality. Again for a good critics.

    • Definitely need to branch out. I love getting what I know I love – is that so terrible? I mean – I generally always get Crispy duck if it’s on the menu at a Chinese restaurant – I can’t make it at home, and because I’ve tried it many times in many places – I can begin to appreciate the differences. If you order something unique each time – you lose the ability to compare… hmmm – a quandary, eh?

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