Homestyle cooking – Yummy Prime Rib – Delicous Mussels – That’s Mon Village in a nutshell

Way out in Hudson – convenient only for those who live in Hudson, attend the Hudson Theatre, or are seriously into horse-back riding is one of my favorite restaurants. It’s not luxurious, it’s not even particularly quaint. It just happens to be right where it needs to be, offering easy to enjoy food at a decent price.

There are really 3 different dining experiences at Mon Village. First there is the outdoor terrace area which lacks a wonderful view but still can be very enjoyable on a late afternoon. Second – and our most frequently visited section – the bar. It’s not just a bar, it’s also a family friendly dining area with heavy oak chairs and tables and a nice light and bright atmosphere. And then there’s the ‘Dining Room’. Part of the original farmhouse – this section oozes history. Dark wood, fire places, table clothes, rickety stairs to private rooms up stairs – it’s a throw back to a different time and place.

Interesting – all 3 serve exactly the same menu. Management will close and open sections depending on the number of people with reservations – on our last visit, a warm Saturday night in late August, the place was packed. We squeezed into the ‘Dining Room’ – sharing with a large party celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of a very fit couple! We got to enjoy the toasts – in both languages, even though we were seated in the sun room section – apart, but not distant from the celebration. It is a compliment to Mon Village that unlike the modern ‘Bistro’ tendency to noisy eating, we were still able to have a private conversation.

The food is nothing special. Prime Rib, Mussels, Rack of Lamb, Pub food like Fish and Chips – we’re talking hearty country eating. But it’s all properly cooked and easy to enjoy.

The foodie in you won’t be thrilled – but for a meal that satisfies without serious damage to your budget – Mon Village is a good choice. I must like it – I’ve eaten there over a dozen times.

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