I know – it’s a Chain – but Madison’s is still worth rating!

I hate chain restaurants – it smacks of late nights driving with no other options – and in Montreal the options are so plentiful, it makes one wonder why bother.

But Madison’s New York Grill and Bar – at least the one at the Marche de l’Ouest – is so consistently good, so easy to like, so diet friendly while looking so extravagant – it’s hard to resist saying something.

We lucked out and scored a seat on the Terrace. With a delightful breeze, warm night, and comfy cushions on Rattan Chairs, it was a complete pleasure to just sit and chat. Our group of 3 ladies didn’t do the normal lady thing of ordering light – nope – we mostly went for the signature ribs – which at $19 for 10 oz, served with a side of either a huge portion of mashed potatoes, a giant (where do they get that size) baked potato, or steamed veggies was a gourmand delight.

Lick smacking, finger licking good.

I opted for the lighter meal of Ahi Tuna (served Raw) on a huge salad with a scoop of mango salsa. Not the first time I’ve ordered this dish at Madison’s – and it won’t be the last. So good, so filling, and so perfect for my diet. I have to mention that I’ve watched the portion size vary over the years – the salad getting larger and larger, the portion of tuna getting smaller and smaller. But now they are telling you that you’ll get 8 oz of tuna – so I’m hoping that the portion size variation will stop.

But it was yummy. Made more so by a lovely white wine ordered by my friend, pleasant company, and a full moon.

Our waiter must have decided early on that we wouldn’t be good tippers – he mostly ignored us. We had to ask another waiter to fetch him so we could order, and once we’d ordered – we were generally ignored. The good news – your waiter doesn’t serve you – the runners do. So his preoccupation with other tables didn’t keep us from getting and enjoying our dinner. To just get coffee we had to hunt him down – and he forgot totally to offer us the desert options. His loss on that score – we normally succumb to the temptation – but when it’s not offered – we are stronger.

Bottom line – a B for service, an A for food. It’s not fancy, but as long as you stay away from the specials – which can run $35 and up – it’s quite reasonably priced. And while the 2 for $22 isn’t valid at this location during the summer – in the winter – that’s quite the deal.

I’ll be back.

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