Day 230 – Commandment #2 for Seniors

“In Style” are the clothes that still fit.

I can hear the moans from my friends now. Yes – I don’t buy much in the way of new clothes any more. I have friends roughly my age who do buy clothes often – and I’m sure the stores bless them.

But I’m clearly not one of them. I have a pair of pants that I bought at least 5 years ago that are my ‘Traveling Pants’ – and they are perfect. Why would I want to replace them?

They have zip off legs so they become shorts. They still fit me (I haven’t changed size in years and years… just an FYI there), and they dry over-night.

Perfect for traveling. Or even for sitting cooped up in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom flat with my daughter and her husband for 2 weeks. At least my pants were always easy to clean.

I can even wash them by hand if I’m desperate (which happens more often you can imagine when you travel on the cheap).

Jeans are the same – do they ever go out of style? I’ll admit that I’m thinking of finally retiring my 15 year old pair of size 6 jeans – they were tight when I bought them, and they do seem to be getting tighter…

But it’s not just my pants… I have a friend (Mary – you know who I mean) who was cleaning out her closet one day and found 3 tops she thought I’d love. And she was right. I love them. There’s a red one, a grey/white one, and a black one – and they fit me perfectly.

What could go ‘out of style’ in a top? Do I need today’s newest color choice to be considered well dressed?

Or are we dressing ‘up’ for our friends? Maybe the embarrassment is that our friends notice that they have seen everything in your closet before – many times.. So perhaps it’s not ‘in-style’ that excites seniors – it’s new and not recognizable by our friends.

Is well dressed even a goal in life when you are past 70? I think this is actually a contentious issue because I have several friends who still put ‘well dressed’ high on their important stuff list – but I’m not one of them.

So a vote here –

Are you still in the well dressed -need new clothing crowd?

Or are you in the if it’s still fits, it’s still in style crowd?

And are you a Senior?

Let me know!

Signing off to NOT go shopping – The Soup Lady

9 thoughts on “Day 230 – Commandment #2 for Seniors

    • Totally makes sense to me…. Although I go a different route. I avoid duplicates so that at least on consecutive days – I’m dressed differently. I think I have enough for a 2 week stint without having to do laundry!

  1. Leslie, you know where I stand on this issue

    I stopped buying new suits or sport jackets a few years ago, as business wear became more casual. My tux never goes out of style, and I don’t worry if the lapels on my remaining jackets are too thin or too wide for the latest trends.
    On the other hand, a reenactor portraying the early 19th c could always use a new uniform or suit… you wouldn’t want me to wear the same thing at every Regency or Napoleonic event!!!
    Perish the thought!

  2. Yes I am still on the I need new clothes list and on the senior list. Why do I still need new clothes? Because I think I still deserve it and why not, I’m not dead yet. LOL 😂

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