138 – Adventures in Tadoussac

There’s more than Whales in Tadoussac – at least my husband is convinced that there must be.. and he’s done the restaurant research to prove it.

Personally – I think he’s kinda fooling himself. This is a tiny town packed with tourists. Why bother offering anything better than the most common kinds of food – and lots of fish. No one is probably coming back!

But he’s the eternal optimist – and believer in Yelp.. so we’re going to be hitting all the ‘top of the line’ food options in Tadoussac.

This is a bit like going to the Arctic on a gourmet food expedition.. but hope beats eternal.

Dinner on the first night at Cafe Boehme – the top rated restaurant in Tadoussac wasn’t too bad. I had Mussels and Frits – the fries were delicious and the Mussels, while not the best I ever had, were certainly acceptable. We were seated on an outdoor terrace which felt COVID safe – they had sanitizer at the door, the staff was masked. Tables weren’t ‘too’ close together, and folks tried to remember to wear masks when they got up to go to the bathroom.

The down side was the absolutely unbelievably bad service. The worst I’ve ever ever had. This wasn’t a bad day for them – it was a disaster. The one waitress that was working was clearly either undertrained or under experienced. Her hands were empty way too often, always a bad sign. We waited forever to order, she was rude to us when we asked questions about the menu, didn’t bring bread at all, didn’t refill our water – ever – and the wait for our meal was endless.

I’m sure the restaurant had lots of excuses – and there did appear to be a woman manager walking around – not that she contributed much to either making us feel welcome, or cared for, or feed. Over priced and under whelming. Sorry.

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