BHAG* Achieved!

Back when I started this blog – back when my husband suggested calling myself Montreal Madame… I set myself a BHAG.

In MBA terms – a BHAG is a *Big Hairy Assed Goal – and it represents something that you really would like to achieve – but think is well outside the realm of possibility.

So I decided getting 500 followers would be my BHAG – And I wanted to get it done by January 2020.

Well guess what – I made it MONTHS early! i actually have officially 504 followers – so the follower that put me over could be one of 4 champions – and I love them all!

So Thank you follower #1 – and #100 and #201 and #350 and #500 to #504… Thank you all in fact!

Couldn’t have done it without you.

For my next BHAG – I’m thinking 1000 Followers by January 2022. That’s a lot in a very short time considering how long it’s taken to make 500 – but I’ve got my fingers crossed and my ‘Muttering’ Boots on!

Signing off – Content for the moment – and celebrating in Japan with a glass of very lousy but I don’t care red wine… The Soup Lady

2 thoughts on “BHAG* Achieved!

  1. Congrats!
    ( I actually think I can take the blame? applause? for at least one follower. One of our regulars at Spa asked after you, and I said, she’s in Japan, why don’t you give her blog a follow?? – and she did! Right there and then! haha! So you’re in the hearts of my followers same as in yours. ;p Big hugs!)


    • That’s like totally awesome actually! I’m so thrilled to at least check off one BHAG – of course in the spirt of BHAGs – I immediately set myself another one. So I have two BHAGs. 1000 followers by 2022 – and ski downhill on bumps and powder and trees until I’m 80. Mom

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