Recognizing Out-standing Customer Service when you get it

Delta Rocks

I travel a fair bit. Ok – that’s possibly a lie – maybe I qualify as ‘travels a lot’. It’s hard to judge, as far as I know the airlines don’t publicly share stats on frequent travelers. I do know that among the aproximately 100 folks I know the travel patterns of – I rank #1 for most trips, followed closely by my husband.

I’m not in the travel industry – so I’d guess they accumulate more travel miles than I possibly could and I don’t travel for business – or to commute from home to work – I am officially still fully employed in IT close to my home in Montreal – but still – I do travel a lot.

In any case – I feel capable of recognizing outstanding service when I experience it – and I just had an ‘outstanding’ guest service experience.

To draw the picture – I’m on a Delta flight heading south – one of those tiny commuter planes with faux leather seats, moderate head room (thank goodness) – and overhead storage on both sides of the plane. This compares quite favorably with planes with almost no head room (at 5’4″ you wouldn’t think I’d notice) – and literally no overhead storage.

On the down side – I couldn’t just stroll onto the plane. I walked out a gate – along a carpet ‘tunnel’ and ended up at an extremely narrow stair case. In fact – it was the door of the plane – converted into a series of narrow steps up. So I had to lift my bag up to carry it into the plane. Awkward – seriously awkward.

But on to the over the top guest service experience.

I got to my seat, settled down, and put my nearly empty coffee cup (purchased at 2nd Cup in the airport) in the seat pocket in front of me.

Without my saying ANYTHING – the stewardess came along and asked if I wanted a refill! A refill. Amazing. I said yes – and then she asked – how do I like it. How much milk, how much sugar.

Delta – I’m impressed. And I was travelling economy class! She really made me feel special.

So here I sit – full and reasonably hot coffee in hand, watching a trainer teach a new employee how to de-ice a plane! They used the lift truck to go up – sprayed us down, and then actually got out to test the wings for ice. This against a rosy sky hearlding dawn over the city of Montreal.

I toast the sky – Here’s to a safe and healthy trip!

I live in a cool city.

Signing off – The Soup Lady.