Must See Theatre Event in Montreal – Go NOW!!

Ok – seriously – did I get your attention? I meant to. This is one amazing theatre event – and I fear under attended. While we can discuss what that happens – I’m here to tell you – GO!

The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God – by Djanet Sears (nope – not a typo) – is completely enthralling – high end, sophisticated, captivating, entrancing, entertaining, dynamic, sit on the edge of your seat theatrical involvement.

There are 22 actors on stage – several have key ‘name’ rolls – Rainey – the black girl in the title, her father, her father’s good friends, and Rainey’s X-husband – Michel. The rest form a constantly moving a-Capella choir that is at once stage manager, a river, movement behind and round the scenes, drama enhancement, and music. It is stunning. The play runs from now till October 18, 2016 here in Montreal – and I suspect is going to show up in versions from Toronto to – dare I hope – off Broadway. It is that good, that enthralling, that radical.

The story itself is as old as time – and as current as today. Like Job, Rainey’s believe in God is severely tried by circumstances around her – it’s not just about being Black in Canada – it’s about being human in today’s world. Aging parents, husbands that aren’t perceived as properly supportive, a dead child. But all is not woe and grief – the play is surprisingly humorous in so many ways – that you find yourself laughing at points where crying seems the really right thing to be doing.

And like the best theatre – the entire space is open to use by the actors – they move up and down the aisles, they appear on the edges partly hidden by the side curtains, they sing from behind you, above you, around you. The sound alone is worth the price of admission – and the acting builds and twists around the glorious soundscape.

Have I intrigued you enough to go buy tickets? I meant to. Excellent theater like this must be supported – and while audience attendance is a drop in the bucket of money needed – strong attendence does send a message straight to the heart of the actors, directors, and producers. This is a winner.

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