Wait – aren’t we supposed to be reading “Tale of 2 Cities” !

I started to delete the following post – then decided that it would be more fun to just explain what I was trying to do!

I belong to an on-line book club. We have assigned monthly readings – and I’ve not been great about keeping up. It just takes me time to find a specific book, start reading it, finish reading it – and then review it. I’m good for about 1 in 10. So I was feeling bad about not keeping up – decided that since I could get a free (ibook – gotta love it) copy of a Tale of 2 Cities – I’d read that one.

Then I go on the review site – and one gal is talking about the total page-flipper that is the Divergent series. I’m plodding thru Tale of 2 Cities – she’s living the easy read life of the 3rd book in that series.

What can I say. I got a bit annoyed – and flung back the following post. And stupidly forgot to see who I was when I did it! So I posted as the Montreal Madame.com

Silly blonde moment. Sorry.

I will get back to posting here – I promise!


It’s unfair if someone (you know who you are) cheats by reading the book I wanted to be reading instead. I mean if we’re going to the Divergent series – let’s do it.

But assigning book A – and then reviewing Book D (hee, hee – Divergent – get it) – that’s so unfair.

I too am reading another book – a wonderful one that a real page flipper by Faye Kellerman called Blindman’s Bluff. But I’m also flipping my way thru Tale of 2 cities like the good solider I am.

Well – ok – guilt – I didn’t read last months – or the months before that. But I was skiing. It’s hard to read while skiing.

On to my take on the Tale.

I’m about 1/3 of the way thru. It was a free download on iBooks – my kind of price range – so that’s a huge part of my willingness to read it. I get frustrated by libraries. I mean you guys live in the land of sunshine and warm days. I’m battling 12 foot tall snow drifts, frigidly cold winds, and generally lousy weather. Libraries are out.

Book review:

A lot better than I remember it. That said – I might not have ever read it. I mean the opening – It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – who hasn’t heard that. But never mind – the story reminds me a bit of a Tarzan book with Jane Austin over-tones. The same people keep ‘happening’ to run into each other – over and over and over again.

And who killed the Marquis? I think that’s a critical issue – but that topic is skirted around while the author flounders around fishlike (see I can stick to one image for most of a sentence) in the ilght and dark. I’m going for the guy that had his child run over by the Marguis’s carriage.

And who is she going to marry? I’m up to 2 or is it 3 proposals or at least heavily hinted at proposals – and the young lady in question is still taking care of her father.

(Can I read Divergent series too? We can discuss it!)

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