3 Hotels in 3 Days – Am I nuts or what?

Color me crazy – but I just slept in 3 different hotels in the last 3 nights. What would possess someone to do such a stupid thing? You can’t even take your clothes out of the suitcase – it almost isn’t worth even carrying the suitcase up to the room. Just grab the essentials and go.

Clearly – not my prefered way to travel. But my son got married in San Jose, CA on Thursday (GO Son GO!) and I had to get from Montreal to San Jose to Old Bedford, PA to Atlantic City to Montreal in 5 days. So 3 hotels it was going to be.

Hotel #1 – Ramada just off Highway 89 in Harrisburg, PA. We arrived at 12:30 – left at 8:00 – enjoyed the clean room, comfortable bed – awesome free breakfast (including make your own waffles and unlimited coffee and fruit), and free WI-FI. Perfect.

Hotel #2 – Hyatt Regency at the San Franciso Airport. Glorious hotel from the outside – it’s huge! There’s an inside atrium the size of a small football field, extending up 3 floors. 1/2 the rooms overlook the atrium – with mini balconys you can open to stop out into the ‘inside’. Quiet, very comfy bed, loved the oversized bathroom, great toilet featured low and high flush options, free water and fruit at check-in. Didn’t care for the $25 a day ‘valet’ service, and they charge for WI-FI. Breakfast also was extra. But I slept well. That has to count for something. Not quite as prefect as that Ramada though.

Hotel #3 – Marriott at Dulles Airport. Nothing much to look at from the outside, but at least the parking was free. It was extremely quiet – so clearly they have great windows since we are literally feet from the landing strips. Bed was comfy – since we arrived at 8:00 am and checked out at noon (after a red-eye flight from San Francisco) – quiet and comfy was just right. But the bathroom was tiny, the toilet didn’t flush quite right, the WI-FI is free only in the bar, and there wasn’t even a bowl of fruit to welcome us. Lousy shower too.

So bottom line – Ramada tops the list – but there weren’t any clear loosers. I do think that Marriott ought to be a tad embarassed though.

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