Craziest Recall ever – See through Yoga Pants

Talk about a crazy recall – I mean how bad is it when a company like Lululemon has to take that huge a hit. Do you have any idea what it must be costing them. First they have to figure out where those pants have been shipped – and then they must pay to have them shipped back. Then they give a credit to each and every one of their customers.

Why – because if you do the Forward facing dog – you can see thru the pants!

Wondering out loud – is this a marketing stunt? It could be you know – I mean it’s a really good one. I definitely know the name Lululemon now…

I’m betting that you are going to be ‘seeing thru’ those pants all over the place! Some people are going to want to keep them – just because in 10 years they will be a treasured item – and also for the ‘thrill’.

And I’m also willing to bet that those pants are not getting destroyed – nope – they will end up in Africa – or South America – or India. I mean they still look like pants, right.

So – next time you are in a Yoga class in India – watch out for those bending dogs….

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