“The Matchmaker” – Dawson 3rd Studio students give it all they’ve got – and it’s quite a lot!

I love going to the theatre – you just never ever know what will strike your funny bone – bring a smile to your face – or tears to your eyes.

What I truly love to see, however, is heart and soul on the stage. When the performers do their very best to convince me that this is their very best – I’m pleased, entertained, fascinated, and enthused.

And Dawson Year 3rd Studio Students delivered.


The pay as you go performance of “The MatchMaker” I attended was packed. Every seat in the lovely Dawson theatre was taken. The sets were definitely at Dawson standards – they managed to convince you that you changed location – by just moving bits and pieces around. My favorite ‘directing’ bits were the interludes while the crew moved furniture in the background. In one interesting piece of theatre business – the cast grabbed suitcases, brought them to the ‘train station’ and the proceeded to use them as seats. Some sound effect later – they were off – jiggling down the line – going from the country into the ‘big’ city. Great bit of business – and carefully timed to cover up the set changes.

The performances, as can be expected of studio students, were far from professional quality – but what they lacked in polish, they made up in a keen desire to please the audience.

Like many ‘amateur’ performances I’ve seen and enjoyed – the cast grew stronger and stronger as the evening progressed – and the rousing final act was a delightful farce – enjoyed by everyone. (Thanks Adrienne for the spell check!)

Next  up at Concordia is the 4th Studio students in “The Cone People”.


After just a few years of training – these guys and gals are good. And like their less experienced fellows – generally bring to the stage an enthusiasm for being there that can be lacking in the performances of more jaded professionals.

Prices are great too.

8 thoughts on ““The Matchmaker” – Dawson 3rd Studio students give it all they’ve got – and it’s quite a lot!

  1. check the spelling again because it hurts the eyes. you went from 2nd years to third years, there are no 4th year students, and its Dawson college, oh and dont forget the dozens of spelling and grammar errors.

    • Sorry – I’ll fix the spelling. The confusion between 2nd and 3rd years came from their program – vs the description on the website. I will have to call Dawson to find out which group it actually was. And next time – I’m asking while I’m at the Theatre. So sorry. Leslie

    • Poko, this reply is a little rude. Also, if you are going to correct another’s grammar or spelling, then you yourself might want to consider using apostrophes when necessary. IT IS Dawson College, not ITS. Don’t is a contraction of DO NOT, not a word in its own right. Plus, capitals? I know, I know, it gets pretty boring when you have to use them at the beginning of EVERY sentence…

      • Hi – I figured out the problem with spelling – Theatre in Quebec is spelled ‘re’ – and Centre in Quebec is spelled ‘re’ – I think that’s the issue. If you aren’t used to Quebec (Canadian) spellings of certain words – we ‘misspell’ honour too – it might be a bit alarming. Hope that clears the air.

  2. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email.

    I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

    • Always up for ideas! Thinking of something interesting to write about every day is a huge challenge – one I take seriously of course. Leslie

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